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Photo by Ben Hamilton


"Tazina may already be a well-known singer to those jazz fans out there…. but to my mind (and ear) she'd be hard-pressed to outdo her own original compositions… What struck me was not just the beauty of her voice, which was at once strictly controlled and tenderly spontaneous, but the warmth and creativity of both her music and her lyrics.”  Click here for full review.

When Tazina sings, whether it be jazz or her own earthy-acoustic styled songs, it is like a glimpse into her heart.  You get the sense she has experienced, personally, each song's story.  She can sing with extreme vocal power and also the sweetness of a lullaby.  Her voice has an honesty and vulnerability that makes it hard not to be moved.  She creates an intimacy that draws you in to her world of storytelling. 


Originally from Sydney, Australia, Tazina qualified in acting at university before choosing to pursue a singing career.  She lived for thirteen years in London then Hastings in England before moving to the south-west of France in 2020, where she now resides.  She has performed in small jazz ensembles and duos for over 30 years in London, Hastings, Brighton, Rye, Lewes (UK), and in Sydney and Hobart (Australia), and at jazz festivals in Schleswig Holstein (Germany) and Whangarei (New Zealand).

Tazina has self-produced two jazz CDs "Pieces of Dreams" in 2018 and “Tazina in concert Watch What Happens" in 2001.


Until 2018, singing jazz was at the forefront of her music career, but since then she has turned her focus to her own songs and has started to self-record and produce her original music.  "Who Are You", released in March 2022, is her first self-recorded and produced song.  It is a chant-like war protest song written for Ukraine and is her stance in protest of Russia’s utterly abhorrent invasion. 

Her story in her words:

Musicians like Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Joan Armatrading and Barbra Streisand were backdrops to my young ears, and I guess they have influenced my voice and writings. I love the earthy-ness of their sounds and the unbridled emotional expressiveness of Barbra Streisand’s voice.


Despite singing jazz for decades, I’ve written my own songs since a young teenager but never felt confident enough to pursue an “originals” music career. After turning 50 however, I thought if I didn’t start to do something serious with my songs then I never would! The thought of "never would" horrified me more than the thought of doing it!, so, dampening down the terror I felt as best as I could, I started performing them accompanying myself on acoustic guitar joined by other musicians playing the occasional cello and muted trumpet adding colour to their moods.


So, my own stories are now finding a voice of their own and giving them that chance has made me feel much more complete as a musician.  It’s also been the impetus to becoming more musically independent.  As part of that, I’ve been studying music technology and have set-up my own studio where I can record and produce my own songs. The first of those is "Who Are You".


I don’t fit purely into any one genre.  The style and sound of my originals is quite different to my jazz but, whatever I sing, I simply aim to bring the stories in these songs to life and hope to leave an impression on people’s hearts.  


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