Photo by James Robertshaw


When Tazina sings, whether it be jazz or her own earthy-acoustic styled songs, it is like a glimpse into her heart.  You get the sense she has experienced, personally, each song's story.  She can sing with extreme vocal power and also the sweetness of a lullaby.  Her voice has an honesty and vulnerability that makes it hard not to be moved.  She creates an intimacy that draws you in to her world of storytelling. 

Originally from Sydney and Hobart in Australia, Tazina lived in London and Hastings in England for thirteen years before recently moving to the south of France.  She has performed in jazz duos and bands in music venues in London, Hastings, Brighton, Rye, Lewes (UK), and in Sydney and Hobart (Australia), and at jazz festivals in Schleswig Holstein (Germany) and Whangarei (New Zealand).

Tazina has recorded two jazz albums – "Pieces of Dreams" in 2018 and “Tazina in concert Watch What Happens" in 2001.


In this current covid-age, she has turned her focus to learning about music technology and recording.  It has been the impetus for her to become more independent as a musician and, as part of that, to gain the skills to self-record and produce her own songs.  Subscribe to be kept up to date about that and all her news.


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