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Tazina in concert

Watch What Happens

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"Tazina in concert Watch What Happens" is Tazina's first jazz album that was recorded live in 2001 at Tasmania's Conservatorium Of Music Recital Hall, Hobart, Australia, with:

Kelly Ottaway on piano

Alistair Dobson on saxophone

Michael Nikkerud on double bass

Paul Parnell on drums.


It consists of well known jazz standards and ballads plus one of her own songs "The Sublime", a sexy rhumba that fits perfectly with the other songs on the album.  Being a live recording, applause can be heard between some songs.  

Initially only available as a physical CD, the album is now available digitally. 

1.   Watch What Happens

2.    Summertime

3.    Misty

4.    Moonlight In Vermont

5.    My Funny Valentine

6.    The Sublime

7.    But Beautiful

8.    Night And Day

9.    Autumn Leaves

10.  Cry Me A River

11.  Our Love Is Here To Stay

12.  All The Way

13.  What A Wonderful World