In protest to Ukraine's invasion

"Who Are You" 

Photo by Ben Hamilton


In response to Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, Tazina has written and released a chant-like war protest song called “Who Are You”. Listen to it here.


It is her stance in protest of this utterly abhorrent invasion.  It challenges the invaders with questions about their right to invade. 


It’s a chant for Ukraine. It’s short. It’s direct. It’s powerful.


It is Tazina’s first release that she has self-recorded and produced in her studio.  It’s an acoustic guitar, a drum heart-beat, and her voice that expands into a multi-layered choir-like effect building to a crescendo at the end. It’s written for multiple voices as though many people are singing it together, standing strong as one and saying "NO" to Russia’s abominable action.

Tazina hopes that you, and everyone in your life, are and remain safe.  


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