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Watch What Happens



In case you don’t know, Tazina In Concert Watch What Happens is the title of my first jazz album that was recorded live in concert in 2001 with a four-piece band:


Kelly Ottaway on piano

Alistair Dobson on saxophone

Michael Nikkerud on double bass

Paul Parnell on drums


It was initially only available as a physical CD from me directly, but now, finally, it is available digitally on iTunes and Spotify (and also soon on Amazon) and that makes me very, very happy! It has been a long time coming and I’ve popped the bubbly!! 


It consists of well-known jazz standards and ballads plus one of my own songs “The Sublime” - a sexy rhumba that fits in well with the other songs. Instead of it being a random selection of standards that I liked at the time, I crafted the concert/album to take the listeners on a journey. It was important the songs linked in a way so that the whole concert became like a story in itself, with a message that hopefully touched people.  See the song list here.  


The song “Watch What Happens” means a lot to me. It’s about daring to let someone believe in you and then watching what happens. It was an obvious opener and theme for the whole concert and album title, and from there I chose songs that fitted in with that.  I introduced a few select songs with my interpretation of the song’s story and, in doing so, weaved a connecting message that culminated in the last song “All The Way” (actually it’s the second last on the album because there was an encore). That song is about making sure that when someone loves you that they REALLY love you, through the good and bad times and all the in-between times.  To me that’s all about not settling for less than your worth and your dreams. Click here if you’d like to watch “All The Way” including my introduction.


So, the overarching message of the concert/album is to believe in yourself no matter what, and not settle for less than your worth and your dreams, and then just sit back and watch what happens!  


If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can buy it on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify.  The digital album doesn’t include my introductions to songs but there is applause between some songs.  


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Here’s cheers to believing in our dreams and not settling for less!


With love,

              Tazina.  xox