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Music - what's the point?



This post is not so much about news, but rather about what I’ve been thinking of late.   I’ve not performed music for a while, but my mind has been full of music.  I’m learning about music recording and production but at the same time I’ve been pondering the point of music.  


With the magnitude of the worrying current state of the world, its people and nature, part of me has felt that working on my music is self-indulgent, selfish and pointless, and, instead, I should be doing something that makes a tangible positive difference in the world. These thoughts have troubled me.  On one hand creating and performing music gives me great pleasure, and I’ve seen the pleasure it gives others too, but somehow I’ve been struggling with its meaningfulness and importance, especially in the recent scheme of things.  


I’ve thought about the many things music does: it can make us smile, make us dance, make us cry. It can change our mood, it can distract us, it can bring a lifeless atmosphere to life.  It can tell a story and it can help us make sense of the stories going on inside us.  It can make us feel that we’re not alone.  Within the many roles it plays, music triggers an emotional response in every listener, and it is the release of an emotional response in every writer. 


These emotional responses create connections between strangers, and I’ve come to realise that it’s these connections that can make a difference, that can change a life. So I have made peace with my pondering over the point of music. 


I’ve been deeply upset by the troubled world we live in at the moment, and it has led me to write some songs. They’re not recorded yet but here’s a link to a demo recording of a song I wrote some years back that is as relevant now as it was then.  It’s called “Nation Dying”.  


I hope my music connects with you. 


Stay safe and well.

With love,

              Tazina.  xox