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*** Happy New Year ***


2020 felt in some ways to me like time stood still. I guess it still is in many ways, but despite that I feel positive about 2021 and I hope you can see brightness ahead for you too as the new year starts to unfold. 

While I've been quite still on the outside this last 12 months, I've spent the time looking inwards and thinking about where my music is at, where I want to go with it and how I'm going to get there.  I've come up with a huge list of things to do so I'm going to be busy for a while!  


One of those things is to finally get my first jazz CD "Watch What Happens", that I recorded live in concert in 2001, for sale online in digital format because until now it has only been available in physical format.  So that is happening soon! 

I'll also soon be starting a newsletter called "Music Matters" which will tell you about all my music news and bring you into my personal music world where you'll get to know the me behind my music.  This is one way, in this changed world, that I hope to connect with you as I create a new journey for my music.

It would mean the world to me if you would like to join me on that journey by subscribing above.  

Wishing you a New Year filled with perfect health and positivity and looking forward to connecting with you. 

With love,

               Tazina xox

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